Omar Boraie Helps Fund Advancement in Precision Medicine for Cancer Treatment

Because of his long-time interest in cancer research, a huge advancement in cancer treatment has been further funded by Omar Boraie, a New Brunswick, New Jersey developer. The $1.5 million pledge Boraie has made will be matched by an anonymous donor. The money goes to the “18 Chair Challenge” whereas Rutgers University’s Cancer Institute supports each of 18 academic disciplines. See,

This particular endowed chair, named the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, will be headed by Shridar Ganesan, MC, PhD, principal investigator of the precision medicine clinical trial at Rutgers Cancer Institute. Ganesan shoulders many other responsibilities at Rutgers such as associate professor of medicine and pharmacology at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Robert Wood Johnson Hospital is the flagship hospital for The Cancer institute of New Jersey Network. One of Mr. Boraie’s goals is to make New Brunswick become known as the “Healthcare City.” Precision medicine’s focus, as far as cancer research and treatment is concerned, is the cutting-edge awareness that breaking cancers down into subpopulations through genomic analysis, enables oncologists to treat their patients in a more precise or customized way. This can save time and give hope to those whose cancers are no longer responding to traditional therapies. Other cancer centers are doing research on tumors through gene sequencing as well, but Rutgers got involved early on and have now been applying what they’ve learned to actually treat patients.

In an article published by Newswise Ganesan says “I am honored to be named the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. This pledge will help innovate clinical research to enable new understandings of cancer biology to benefit patients across even the most challenging disease sites, offering renewed hope for cancer patients and their families.” In a State of the Union Address President Obama echoed the significance of this new research and launched a national Precision Medicine Initiative to help find cures for cancers and other diseases.

The example Mr. Omar Boraie has set will hopefully be repeated by other benefactors. Cancer research has been going on for a long time and this recent discovery that comes out of it is encouraging. Boraie also has a chemistry background, so his interest in cancer research along with his hope that New Brunswick will be named the “Healthcare City” certainly makes his pledge worthwhile for him, for his family and for the hard-working medical professionals in and around Rutgers University.


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