Fabletics Reaching Out To Further Audience With Reverse Showrooming

Fabletics is one of the very few successful athleisure brands out there. Even though there are many brands out there that are offering athleisure wear for women, Fabletics apparently has won the war by a large margin since the time it entered the market. The company has been providing budget clothing for its customers so that they do not have to think twice about their finance before buying what they want to.


Fabletics keeps the costs low but ensures that the quality of the products is not compromised. Moreover, the company has Kate Hudson as one of the co-owners, which is why the product line of the business is highly fashionable, stylish, and designed to look cool. Kate Hudson is also responsible for bringing limited collection clothing to Fabletics, mostly inspired by other well-known celebrities. One of the recent collections to be introduced that got hugely popular among the people was the Demi Lovato Collection.


Fabletics has been jumping the ranks of popularity in the fashion world due to its focus on the customers’ requirements. These days’ customers are not only looking for quality products but also a brand they can relate to. It is what Fabletics has become in the last few years. As an aspirational brand that delivers value for money products, Fabletics has been able to garner over 1.2 million VIP members who pay monthly fees to receive three monthly products from the company. It is a very reasonable arrangement that has won the hearts of many customers. Fabletics’ turnover has been steadily rising, and in the last quarter, it has reached $250 million.


For the company that was launched as an experimental startup, Fabletics has come a long way. The company focuses on understanding what the target audience is looking for and uses data analytics to know exactly that. The data-driven approach towards business has helped the company sync in with the evolving market. Even huge e-commerce brand like Amazon has faced challenges from Fabletics in the athleisure category as it sales sink. Recently, the company announced that it would be opening physical stores across the country, and already has nearly twenty stores in different strategic locations. It has helped the company to penetrate the market and reach out to a wider audience. As per the surveys, opening physical stores as a part of the reverse showroom technique has been highly helpful for the firm and has added revenue to the company.