NPG VAN Leads In Providing Information Technology for Progressive Causes

The DC based company NPG VAN has for over twenty years provided complete technology services for progressive candidates and causes. The services are comprehensive and include platforms for fundraising, field work,compliance,organizing, and media. NPG VAN includes among its clients candidates, labor unions, PACS, democratic committees at all levels, and other progressive organizations. The company is committed to the idea of providing comprehensive and integrated services, to progressive groups only, improving and updating constantly. Famous clients include Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, as well as candidates for congress and Governor’s races across the country.


At a meeting celebrating the International Day Without Women, NPG VAN affirmed its commitment to gender equality by celebrating its female employees. Female employees were given the option of not doing their regular work and instead volunteering for various charities that help women, such as a domestic violence organization and several groups that help homeless and impoverished women.

In addition, the company recently updated its smartphone app, called “Mini-Van“. Mini-Van allows campaigns and organizations to efficiently enter voter information directly into the program, eliminating the use of pen, paper and labor intensive data entry. The latest update to Mini-Van allows canvassers to gather and enter data on the increasing number of people who attend protests and other grassroots events, effectively capturing what may be a different group of potential voters. Organizers can contact these individuals later, for fundraising, volunteering, or reminders to register and vote.

NPG-VAN has also recently made its products more inclusive and LGBTQ friendly. Instead of forcing the user to enter binary gender information, the program allows the user to classify people more broadly by using non-binary pronouns. Not only does this change promote inclusive values, but it is also strategically important as LGBTQ voters, mainly located in urban and suburban areas,represent a large and growing block in the Democratic party.

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