Paul Mampilly Suggests Cryptocurrency is a Bubble Ready to Pop

The financial guru and investment advisor, Paul Mampilly, was recently featured on the Daily Forex Report website. The article, written by Caleb Garvin, was titled Paul Mampilly has Struck Gold Again. The article reveals that conventional wisdom may be the key to winning in the stock market. Investors need to recognize which stocks have already been overvalued and which provide real opportunities.

Mampilly has become a trusted financial advisor and investing guru in his Profits Unlimited newsletter under the Banyan Hill Publishing company. He is the senior editor and technology expert for the company. Prior to joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly worked for nearly two decades on Wall Street. While he was there, he worked in a variety of positions from hedge fund manager to researcher, teaching him how to take investments into the big leagues. He won a competition hosted by the Templeton Foundation because he turned $50 million in investments into $88 million with the 76% gain. This experience has allowed him to recognize that main street Americans need more information on how to invest, particularly when they are trying to grow their wealth with technology, special opportunities, and small-cap stocks.

Paul Mampilly recognizes one area where investors need more information is in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is only being invested in by about 8% of Americans, but it is a highly talked about investment opportunity. It is a form of currency based on the internet that does not depend on an outside authoritative organization like a bank. It only exists digitally and is created with cryptographic patterns. Bitcoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies created. It was made in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto who designed it to be used in a digital exchange system.

Paul Mampilly suggests that cryptocurrency is the next economic bubble. It is a controversial position to take in the current climate that is quickly investing in the cryptocurrency. Mampilly reveals that an investment bubble occurs when an asset begins to be valued at a higher price than its actual value. Identifying bubbles can be difficult at an early stage but there are several warning signs. Mampilly believes that as soon as the public and pop culture becomes interested in an asset, it might be time to get out. The intense growth is normally unsustainable, driven by the frenzy of cultural interest.

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