Three Ways to Improve Your Leadership Styles-What to Know

A lot is said about leadership and being a leader. Many believe that it is an art and science that should be effectively embraced. For one to lead effectively and manage his team, he should hold great leadership skills and grow these skills with time. The good news is, there are ways that one can employ and improve his leadership style. A lot of studies have been undertaken on the issue and here are three simple changes one can embrace and make a big difference.


You need to support your team and not just lead them


One strategy that has been embraced at Facebook involves making a critical mental transformation. Managers at Facebook don’t play the leading role but support their subordinates. Such a strategy helps the managers change how their handle their interactions with their teams.


A leader should spur and welcome growth


A recent research depicted that about 85% of workers do not provide vital feedback to their leaders. Many perceive that they will get into trouble if they raise an issue that is affecting their company. Unfortunately, without transparent communication, there will be little collaboration and innovation in a company. From this study, Google was able to come up with the “psychological safety” strategy that managers should embrace.


This concept makes it easy and comfortable for workers to come out and express their concerns and possible improvements. This is possible if leaders encourage and accept growth in their organizations. Also, managers have to give each worker a chance to share his or her views during team gatherings.


Managers need to put everyone’s opinion into consideration


Everyone’s views matter in an organization. So, the leaders have to ensure every member of the organization attends team meetings and participate to the fullest. Participation involves getting a chance to speak when given the opportunity to share your views. Leaders should not be too pushy and intimidating during such gatherings and should make everyone in attendance feels comfortable and wanted.


One organization that has embraced these three strategies for good governance is James River Capital Corp. James River Capital is a widely known company that offers investment advisory services that range from commodity trading, investment management and related services. It chiefly operates in the United States and it has over the years been able to satisfy the needs of its larger customer base.


James River Capital Corp enjoys its status among the leading companies the US thanks to the immaculate leadership style of Paul Saunders and his team. Paul H. Saunders is the chairman and CEO of James River Capital. Thanks to his leadership style, the company has been able to amass a lot of revenue and increase its reach in the country. It is thus wise for many other leaders out there to embrace these three strategies and improve their leadership styles and enjoy great success in their endeavours. Learn more:


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