An Overview Of Some Perks Of Joining Professional Societies, According To Robert Ivy

The American Institute of Architects, a network of design professionals and architects, is governed by both member and CEO, Robert Ivy. As a member who is at the helm of operations, Ivy leverages his status as the association’s leader to express his notions on the benefits of professional organizations. According to Robert Ivy, getting involved in professional societies offers a wealth of perks. Access to educational resources is among the most advantageous benefit. From webinars and websites to newsletters and applications, these tools are extensive and tailored to the needs of the members. With that said, gleaning knowledge from these niche-specific outlets is no doubt a rosy prospect.

In addition to garnering invaluable insight, networking opportunities are another benefit of professional associations. Associations continually host conferences and meetings in the hopes of corralling like-minded individuals into one space. As a result, networking inevitably follows. Whether you’re looking to pick someone’s brain or express your own sentiments, networking opportunities are enlightening and help establish relationships. Robert Ivy states that both informal and formal connections are conducive to industry success, making networking the linchpin of sound business. With the growing pervasiveness of committees and receptions, members have myriad opportunities to stay active.

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Perhaps the most enticing aspect of joining a professional organization is sharing interests. In essence, surrounding yourself with individuals who share your intrigue for a particular trade is refreshing. As CEO of AIA, Ivy maintains that “voices are stronger” when they’re heard in unison. It’s for this reason why Robert Ivy believes that the size of an organization is irrelevant and instead places emphasis on the passion that the members exude. Finally, professional organizations enable individuals to establish their credibility. In essence, those who become association members demonstrate their “commitment to their field,” in turn inspiring awe and confidence in fellow members of their organization.

Robert Ivy became the Vice President of McGraw Hill. Before that, he became principal of Dean/Dale. He received Master Architect awards and a lot more.

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