Services Offered By MB2 Dental

One of the biggest challenge that independent dental practices face today is good management. Concentrating at making patients better becomes very difficult when you have to do everything by yourself. And when subjected to such a situation, you end up losing on both ends. You don’t give your clients that attentions that they deserve and on the other hand, you are unable to profitably run your practice.

Even with the knowledge that running a sole dental practice is quite hard, some dentists still want to go solo. They have been frustrated by Group arrangements in the past, or they have at least heard of the disadvantages of group affiliation. Therefore, they opt to bear with the losses. However, this is only for those who don’t know that there is a way one can benefit from both group and sole practice arrangements. MB2 dental is now providing solutions to dentists who want to run successful sole businesses without having to join a group.

MB2 Dental was founded by Chris Steven Villanueva. He was once a dentist struggling to run a successful dental practice. So, he knows the everyday struggles that dentists go through when trying to hack it as a sole dentist. For some time he did his research trying to come up with a solution for such issues. And in the year 2009 he decided to set up MB2 Dental.

Their goal is to ensure that dentists concentrate on their core goals, while everything else is managed on their behalf. They offer all types of managerial services.


Services Offered By MB2 Dental

Accounting and Finance

MB2 Dental ensures that sound financial decisions are made for your practice. They ensure that you get the accounting and financial support you need in order to start making profits.


MB2 Dental retains a team of professional marketers who can take your business to the next level. They are experienced in both online and offline marketing and can give your practice that it needs in order to get customers flowing.


You have to have a sound procurement function in order to for your practice to operate efficiently.