The Daily Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is known for his kindness, and honesty. Since saving the day and taking the role on Kelly Ripa’s Live, as the new co-host, he have all but gained even more favor in the eyes of his die-hard fans. Although Ryan is loved on Kelly Ripa’s Live, that not the only thing that consumes his everyday attention. Ryan also has his own radio show, American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is an insider when it comes to celebrities, and he knows how to get the best and quickest tidbits, which brings that much more flavor to his show. The station is listened to and adored by thousands, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. As far as his fans are concerned as long as Ryan continues to bring the hottest news, they’ll continue to be all in.

One may think Ryan Seacrest’s schedule is full, and he simply can not handle anymore, but that’s not the case. Ryan also has a clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The brand is carried in over 500 Macy’s store, consisting of average priced clothing. The brand also has a selection of very nice and classy accessories. If you want to jazz it up, don’t worry Ryan can also help in that category, carrying also a selection of splendid tuxedos and gloves.

Although tv host Ryan Seacrest is living a very busy life, he manages to find time for himself. Every morning the first thing he does is drink matcha tea, for nutrition and tone. Later during the day, he makes it a point to work out, taking into account that it is a bit strange to exercise at noon, he finds it works perfect with his schedule. One piece of advice that Ryan would give is meditation and locking up your phone to lessen distractions.

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The career growth of Alex Pall in The Chainsmokers’ band.

The Chainsmokers is a known music band made of duo deejays located in the United States. Alex Pall is one of the deejays in the group whose passion for music started when he was young. However, at first, he did it as a part-time job and mostly for fun. The meeting with Drew changed his life as they both shared the same dreams.


For this reason, he quit his work to do deejaying as a career. At first, he admits it was difficult since in an urban area it is always challenging to start something that seems like a hobby as a career. At this point, he realized that dance music was the genre he wanted since it took most of his mind and time. Therefore, the start and growth of his career were specialized in dance music.


Many deejays are usually behind the scene in most of the productions making them not readily recognized as the singing artists. For Alex and Taggart, they work to be different and not faceless. Therefore, they get to reveal themselves in all their production bringing a twist in the dance music.

For years, the mention of dance music is related to a music genre which has no emotions reveal and in most cases perceived as sterile. Alex Pall loved to make the type grow and be viewed differently. For this reason, the duo ensures they are vividly seen, and emotions are displayed especially that of intimacy. The songwriters or the singing artists get to relate with the productions made as the same applies to the audience.


The genre has grown due to the desire and creativity displayed and revealed by Alex Pall and Taggart. On the other hand, they have shown their identity to the public which has turned positive. Through their unique work presented to the audience, they are currently recognized in most regions. Alex Pall feels appreciated even for the awards they have acquired as they grow in the deejay and production industry. Therefore, Alex Pall displayed the ambition of a go-getter who never gives up regardless of the environment and the challenges present.