The Brown Agency Wows Clients With Top Actoring And Modeling Talent

Models who express their art and professionalism, and take definitive control of the runway are exemplary of talent from the Brown Agency. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the agency is a culmination of The Wilhelmina Austin agency, and the Heyman Talent South agency. The latter was acquired by the Wilhelmina Austin and combined, launched in September 2015 as The Brown Agency. Wilhelmina Austin had a renowned reputation for providing top model quality models, and Heyman Talent South was a provider of acting talent. As one entity, it has now become the region’s first and foremost full service agency in Austin, and the state of Texas.


The Brown Agency can now provide highly professional talents, who have been prepped on a large market level, to their many clients. The clients will receive a broader range of talent, and a portfolio that can meet the needs of many popular brands. The models and actors now have a better opportunity to be presented to a myriad of people, and potential clients on an international scale. Justin Brown, formerly with Wilhelmina Austin, is now in the leadership role at the Brown Agency, holding the positions of President, and Chief Executive Officer. Justin’s experience goes back to his college days when he modeled to help pay his way through school. The agency paid him $100 per day, which was more than he would have earned washing carts on the gold course.


According to Market Wired, after doing other jobs at the agency, Justin took a position known as Development and Placement. He trained the models to act like professionals, then he would locate modeling jobs and place the models on them. His vast experience in the industry enabled him to be ideal for his current position. He can now lead the models down a runway, put them into print, or place them onto a screen. The Brown Agency offers the full package for their models, their acting talent, and for their clients. Although the Brown Agency has it’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, they will also have a presence in Los Angeles, California.


The Brown Agency also has the expertise of Michael Bonnee, formerly the founder of the Heyman Talent South agency. Michael showcase his experience by leading the theatrical division of the agency. One of the most integral parts of the growth strategies of the Brown Agency is that they have become a full service agency, and are committed to serving their clients and talents. The combining of the two agencies was a very exciting undertaking. The two men who are inspiring others bring many years of experience to the new Brown Agency. Their models, and acting talent can now prepare for worldwide challenges, and adventures that will make them the faces of the future.



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