The RealReal: Your One Stop Shop

The RealReal is topping the list amongst businesses who are taking higher leaps in luxury brand sales this year. They opened its second retail location in West Hollywood. An on-site cafe is conveniently situated inside the store, they serve coffee by San Francisco brand Sightglass, pastries and sandwiches from grab-and-go is also served. The company’s founder, Julie Wainwright is proud to announce a private equity capital round of 15 million which makes a total of $288 million increase to date.

The newly opened 12,000-square-foot West Hollywood shop is full of lifestyle assortment. Art and beauty products, clothes, furnishings, and more are sold here. Rati Levesque, chief merchant of the RealReal is proud to say that the company has the largest collection of signature bags like Hermes, Birkins and Kellys, and limited-edition of Dior saddle bags. The RealReal price their items at a fair market value. With all the competition like ThredUp, Poshmark among others. The RealReal managed to maintain their selling advantage. Recently, watches are the company’s fastest-growing category. The company is open for trade-in programs with horologists in the L.A. store to conduct repairs as well as resizing and assessing bands. Handbag appraisers, tailors, and stylists are in-house to cater the needs of clients. The company is focused on authenticating and appraising the items being sold. Consignee is also given an option to drop off items or pick-up.

The company aims to extend the life of the luxury goods they are putting in racks. The RealReal takes care of the goods they have on hand as well as take care of their customers and consignees. Their partnership with some famous Hollywood celebrities like Kardashian-Jenner clan, Chloe Sevigny, and Dwayne Wade, John Legend, Lena Dunham, Susan Sarandon, Will and Jada Smith and family is a good example of how The RealReal is a trusted company.

Sujit Choudhry efforts to improve the constitution

Sujit Choudhry is a popular individual and a specialist in logical authority in the sector of constitutional law. He has published over 90 articles, several books and reports in his department. Recently, he has contributed a chapter in the Constitutional Democracy in Crisis. Sujit Choudhry is a lecturer of law at the University of California and also the founder of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions, source  ( He has taught beyond two dozen nations in different universities.

This organization produces and gathers knowledge to be able to build constitutions. Currently, the institute is partnering with 50 specialists in 25 nations. It also offers its publication as proof for policy methods that are distributed to those who require them. His main activities include participating as an advisor of the constitution to the upcoming democracies globally for 20 years, read (

During his work, he was able to correct the constitution and draft new ones. In addition, he monitors and evaluates three worldwide partnered research projects. Sujit Choudhry is a skilled specialist in coordinating public discussion sittings with stakeholders, bureaucrats, and parliamentarians. He uses his role to ensure constitutional processes go as outlined in the law.

Furthermore, he is an associate of the United Nation Mediation Roster and offers consultancy services to the World Bank Institute. The bodies that share an aspect of the nation occasions can have a great impact, know more on

The book segment of Sujit Choudhry contains a variety of important issues involving the political environment in the country. He outlines his worry about the continent having a critical danger to safeguard the constitutional democracy. In his point of view and sessions held, subjects like the recent occasions are rarely political retreat and the process are becoming more concrete further from the democracy.

In the book, he outlines the factors that are making the democracy become feeble either in overall or country specific. He also addresses how important democracies are not affected by the problems and how experts can create and develop new innovative suggestion to curb with this democracy problem. The chapter also discusses how globalization, income variation, and immigration may have affected the democracy, see

Contributions of Wes Edens at the Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is one of the current Principals behind the foundation of Fortress Investment Group. He co-founded the firm together with Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. The three aimed at creating an alternative asset investment firm that would raise funds in private equity and consequently invest in cutting-edge vehicles. The founders of the Fortress Investment Group possessed a deep understanding and vast experience from their past positions in the financial industry. As such, the firm had the required assets to manage the rapidly growing amount of assets. After a period of about 15 years, Kauffman retired from the firm leaving Nardone and Edens to actively run Fortress. In 2002, Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz joined the company. Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has emerged as a global leader in the field of alternative investments under the leadership of these skilled leaders.

Wes primarily handles the Private Equity Division at Fortress. It is the major pillar upon the establishment of the company since 1998. Edens heavily relies on the investment approach to driving substantial returns from distressed assets. The approach is reliable as it can tolerate even the most complex issues in capital markets. Through this approach, he used unstable situations as an opportunity to gain funding for businesses that require intensive capital. Wes is always ready to solve even the most complicated cases; making him the most suitable candidate for the Private Equity Division at Fortress. In addition to his career in the financial industry, Wes Edens is a professional sports enthusiast. He owns various sports teams including the Milwaukee Bucks of NBA which he bought together with Marc Lasry in 2014. He is also the owner to FlyQuest, which he uses to back eSports League.

The League comprises of Legends’ teams. Fortress is an active supporter of his team. Most recently, Edens is making plans to purchase a huge stock in the Aston Villa football club together with an Egyptian billionaire, Nassef Sawiris. The agreement between the two is to combine their funds towards supporting Aston Villa in its success in the English Premier League.In other news, the Brightline train service by Wes Edens started operating at the beginning of the year in Miami. It serves as the only private initiative passenger train system covering different areas in the U.S. Its services seek to minimize traffic and provide commuters with a safer means of transport. Before his debut at the Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens served as the managing director and partner at BlackRock and Rehman Brothers. He owns a major in Finance and Business Administration from the Oregon State University.

Madison Street Capital Expands to Austin

The world of investments and big business is experiencing tremendous growth. Many deals are being cut in a bid to create institutions capable of offering goods and services effectively. A lot of firms are seeking capital to grow and expand their operations. Others want to acquire their competitors, provide new products or enter into new industries. It is a huge task which has to be undertaken by experts in the financial sector. One firm happens to be good at making these mega corporate deals. The name of the firm is Madison Street Capital. This is a premier investment bank renowned for its expertise in the corporate world. It carries out its business using the highest levels of integrity and is geared towards excellence. It is a leader in the world of corporate advisory services, financial advice, mergers and acquisitions and business consultancy. Additionally, it offers valuation services to both private and public companies across the world. It is an economic powerhouse by itself.


Madison Street Capital engages in a lot of research before carrying out any deal. It services are aimed at making its clients competitive globally. As such, when undertaking any goal of the client, they do a thorough assessment in a bid to offer high-quality services. In the areas of mergers of acquisition, a lot of due diligence is required before such deals are given a go ahead. It is a task which the firm carries out carefully. Mergers and acquisitions involve the transfer of ownership and systems are overhauled. Only an investment bank with the expertise like that of Madison Street Capital can carry out such a demanding assignment. Emerging markets are new avenues of growth globally. They present an untapped opportunity. If harnessed, they can generate a lot of returns both in the short run and in the long term. It is for this reason that Madison Street Capital tends to focus on them and has assisted many clients in tapping these opportunities. Most of the firm’s clients trust it due to its dedication to executing its tasks. It employs high levels of professionalism and expertise.


Madison Street Capital seeks to expand into areas where there exist opportunities. One such area happens to be Austin. The region has become a destination for many firms in the tech industry. Additionally, firms in other sectors are finding this region to be a lucrative area to carry out their businesses. It is for these reasons that Madison Street Capital plans to set up a base in this region. Austin is growing at a very high rate to become the business and technology hub of choice for many companies. These firms will require investment banking services and corporate advisory services. Madison Street Capital will be in a better position to provide these services if it sets its foot in this area. Additionally, it will contribute to the growth of this city.


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Graeme Holm: Saving Australians from financial burden

Graeme Holm is an experienced and multi-talented financial adviser. His main accomplishment in the finance industry is building a debt reduction and money management company called Infinity Group Australia. This company is also involved in helping the people secure their future through investment advice and retirement packages.




Graeme Holm started this company in 2013. So, it has just been five years since they opened doors, but the reception is huge. They have so far served numerous clients and have even attracted recognition from the respected Australian Financial Review on the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. Infinity Group Australia was ranked number #58. Out of over 100 top companies from the region which were reviewed, the position is quite impressive and shows that this is a company on a growth path. In just five years, it has beaten forms which have been in business for decades.




Graeme Holm wants to save Australians from financial burdens. The burden is normally created by banks. After a customer gets a loan from a bank, that is normally the end of the bank and the broker facilitating the loan. The next time a bank will come back to the client is when demanding for repayment. They never care about money management once they give out loans hence putting customers in an awkward position at times.




Banks make money by earning from interests. Banks hope that clients can take long to repay the full amount so that the loan can generate full interest amount. However, this scenario always works to the disadvantage of the bank’s customer. It is such people who have to go through this process that Holm wants to save by showing them that they can save a lot more by managing their finances in such a way that they can repay the loan in full in a shorter time than expected.




Borrowers who work with Infinity Group Australia have already realized the benefits that come with working with this company. The savings that one can make by working with this company are huge. Clients who have started working with Infinity Group can attest that there is a huge reduction in debts after just one year of working with them.




The personal bankers assigned to the clients are experienced and known how to manage the finances on behalf of clients. The personal banker is not there to remove comfort from your life, his or her duty is to ensure that money is only spent necessities.




A personal banker can be compared to a personal gym trainer. The results when working with a trainer are better than working out alone. The same theory applies to finances. The benefits made working with personal bankers will be far much better than when working alone. Learn more :



OSI Food Solutions doubles production of chicken products

OSI Food Solution is a food business that operates in Spain. The company has a food production plant in Toledo which deals with the production of chicken, pork and beef products. The Toledo plant has recently been expanded to meet the increasing demand for food products, especially chicken products. In the past one decade, the demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal has been going up significantly. There are expectations that the demand will keep going up. OSI Food Solutions decided to do expansion of their plant in anticipation of growth in coming days. The plant will now double its production of chicken products. From 12,000 tons, the production will go up to 24,000 tons. The expansion of Toledo plant has seen 22,600 square feet added to the plant.

Now there is more room for more production to take place. The working area has also been expanded to give room for workers to feel comfortable in their places of work. OSI Food Solutions has created new job opportunities for the local community. 20 more job vacancies have been created after the expansion. The workers in this food plant have grown from 140 to 160. The food products portfolio is also expected to go up in coming days. One of the positions that have been created is that of product development manager. The person designated this position will be responsible for the development of new food products.

OSI Food Solutions is committed to the expansion of the food business, and this is one of the many initiatives they have taken to deal meet this objective. There have been other initiatives which have been completed such as the acquisition of top food companies in Europe such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe (now called Creative Foods). OSI Food Solutions has received awards for the good work it has been doing in the food production business. It has been awarded by the British Safety Council the International Safety Award for its commitment to healthy food management. The company has also received the Globe of Honour from the same organization for its commitment to environmental protection.

Why Vijay Eswaran has succeeded

When it comes to network marketing, Vijay Eswaran is one of the most recognized individuals in the industry. He has been in business for many years, and that is why he has established himself as one of the people who can qualify to mentor other upcoming entrepreneurs. Many know his success story, and that is why they seek his advice when venturing into the financial industry.

His success has not come within a short time. He had to work hard to be where he is today. He started by driving a cab. He worked in the sector for many years and later made a breakthrough in the marketing industry. He now reached a level where he had achieved great success. Today he is a millionaire and continues to accomplish great things. For the last seven years, Vijay Eswaran has learned a lot. He can now tell others the key to achieving success in life. He has a passion for helping others, and that is why he has shared the knowledge acquired over the years with others.

Those wishing to enhance their financial life have sought the advice of Vijay Eswaran, and he is always ready to help. Vijay Eswaran grew knowing to achieve financial freedom, a fulltime job is required, and that is why he worked hard to achieve this in his life. He went to school and pursued his degree course. When he completed college, he got a chance to work with corporate organizations for years, and this gave him the experience to venture into business. When Vijay was introduced to network marketing, he worked hard, and soon he was earning more than he used to make in his fulltime job.

That is when Vijay Eswaran realized the best way to achieve financial freedom is to start a business. He established a financial security company and soon it was successful. He had time to find ways in which he could achieve the best in his life.

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A Look at Wes Eden’s Investment Portfolio

Two decades ago, three individuals namely Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger came together and established Fortress Investment Group. The company has exhibited so much growth since its inception. Its actual value was revealed in the year 2007 during the IPO. The company went down in the books of history as a private equity firm to be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. As of now, Fortress serves at least 1,750 clients. The clients are distributed across the county. The co-founders of this company are also based in different areas. Wes Edens, for instance, is based in San Francisco.

Besides the pivotal role Edens plays in Fortress, he has invested in professional sports. The first time he ventured into this industry was back in the year 2014 when he alongside Marc Lasry acquired Milwaukee Bucks from NBA, the initial owner. The transaction for this purchase totalled $550 million. Besides, Wes Edens owns the FlyQuest, making him an avid supporter of eSports. In line with investing in the sports industry, Wes alongside Nassef Sawiris, a billionaire, hailing from Egypt has come to an accord to buy majority shares of Aston Villa. It should be noted that the two will input funds into bettering the English soccer team which missed joining the Premier League last season by a whisker. With the two gentlemen coming on board, Tony Xia from China and the owner of the club as from 2016 will be a co-chairperson. He will also sit at the club’s board. As for Wes Edens and Sawiris, they will have a 55 percent stake in the team.

Wes Edens is indeed an investor. He owns a private train that helps customers commute between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The train became operational on the 19th day of May this year. The train is commonly known as Brightline. It operates between Miami and Fort Lauderdale a couple of times in almost every day of the week. The train is well fitted with wifi, power outlet as well as USB ports. The riders get to sit on leather seats beside enjoying food services. Aston Villa: Wes Edens & Nassef Sawiris to make ‘significant investment’ in club

Top Facts You Should Know

There are entirely some recognized and upcoming private financial banks around the world. Few of these financial institutions have had the privilege of acquiring a multi-million success closure of subordinated debt offering. One of these high-end financial gurus is Nexbank, which is located in Dallas-Texas. Being one of the first private commercial banks in Dallas, it has registered a large success closure of $54 million subordinated debt offering.

As a financial service provider, Nexbank has gone the extra mile in ensuring that its ties to society are healthy and have assured that they offer topnotch services to all the residents of Dallas. With careful analysis of the organization it is founded, this financial institution provides three most crucial business services which include; commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services whereby each is tailored to meet the client’s personal needs for guaranteed satisfaction. The banks’ ability to customize its services for the clients’ benefits allows for private, corporation and institutional achievement.

It is every family desire to be able to pay for their children’s college fee when the time comes. Nexbank has realized this essential need for higher education and has expanded after acquiring several college savings bank branches, which five hundred colleges have over saving programs. This move ensures for both short-term and long-term growth. The financial institution provides multiple and insured investment options. The provision of a high yielding savings account that has no asset management fee creates breathing room for families and a sound mind knowing that their investments are principal protected.

Although Nexbank financial institution has been situated in the state of Texas for more than twenty years, it has extended its services beyond Dallas since it conducted corporate filing, which is also known as foreign filing. This form of filling is done when an already established organization files in another state different from the original filing state. This is a guarantee that the financial institution has a vast network within the United States of America. Visit us today for any query or financial consultation you may require and rise to success.

Bruno Fagali Is A Powerful Attorney

Are you in need of a good attorney in Brazil? Do you want to hire a powerful attorney for personal or corporate legal issue? Perhaps you are aware that Bruno Fagali represents and advises clients throughout Brazil and comes highly recommended in the industry.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reliable and reputable attorneys in the industry. Bruno Fagali has great expertise in legal field and is well known for rendering top notch service to clients. Many organizations and private individuals turn to him for outstanding legal solution.

Some people don’t know where to look when it comes to getting the right lawyer for their legal matter. It is imperative that you do your research. Check out to find out more.

There are a lot of attorneys offering to deliver great results to clients but you need to choose carefully. One of the best ways to find a good lawyer or law firm is by asking for recommendations.

Talk to friends and relative who have hired a lawyer in the past, to find out who they recommend. There are also online directories that provide information about lawyers and their areas of practice. Search these directories to find out about the lawyers that provide service in the field of law you are interested in.

It is advisable to be able to schedule a consultation with your potential attorney. Having a discussion about your situation or legal matter will help you in making the right decision.

If you are on the lookout for one of the best lawyers in the industry, then check out Bruno Fagali right away. He takes the time to assess a case before deciding how to handle it. He is a highly trusted attorney and he will strive to get you the best possible outcome in your situation.

Legal problems can occur at any time. Both individuals and organizations encounter disputes and other legal issues and have to get a powerful attorney in order to get a great outcome. If you have someone like Bruno by your side you will certainly be happy with the way he handles his clients’ cases. Learn more: